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time_for_lynn's Journal

Lynn Taylor
1 October
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Basic Info
Name: Eunice Lynn Taylor
Alias: Lynn Taylor
Age: 12 or 13 (514)
Species: Part Human, part orisha, part something else
Occupation: kid

Physical description: Lynn is 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs eighty-eight pounds. She has dark hair, brown eyes and looks a lot like her mother. Her skin is dark and her hair straight.

She has a horizontal scar on her throat, that's often covered by a high neckline, necklace, or scarf.

Personality:Lynn is outgoing, friendly and trusting. She also has enough charisma to be extremely popular in school. The other students don't dare tease her, and the teachers all seem to trust the young girl. She likes honesty and for people to listen to her.

Mommy's Princess
Normal Facts
-A very imaginative troublemaker
-Spoiled, private school girl
-Extremely close to her mother
-Forced to study classic lit and foreign language outside of school by her mother
-can operate a single beam laser gun, a handgun, a hunting rifle and can use a sword
-Very popular in school
-Has an ambiguously foreign accent
For those who can sense such things
-some might sense that she doesn't quite belong in any time or dimension
-can see and talk to the dead
-can use magic
-can be considered to be a host of an evil entity
-is fireproof
-She can see things others can't about timelines
-She can't travel in time without a machine, unlike her mother
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